Team Building and Leadership

Ernie Turner, President at Leadership in Motion (LIM LLC), Florida, USA:
“Carole worked with me and Tony Pearson, another LIM partner, in the design and delivery of a team development program for a client that turned into an organizational change project. Carole is a skilled learning coach and brings fresh insights into creative thinking. Her understanding of how the mind works was especially useful in our design work as well as coaching our client. Her confidence and competence as well as her business background brought credibility to our team and complemented Tony and I.” 

Rodman Stull, Senior Director of Operational Excellence at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, USA:
“I was forming a new leadership team at the time, and Carole provided both individual and team leadership coaching. Her style and approach helped the team come together as we discussed challenging business issues. Additionally, she provided creative suggestions and alternative thoughts to my team of largely analytical thinkers”.

Career, Executive and Leadership Coaching

“There are times in our lives when we need guidance and support so that we can understand our lives and situations. I am so pleased to have found Carole and, in her, someone to help me understand and manage the important decisions that I must take about the direction of my life.
Carole as you would expect is a very good listener, but more importantly she possesses a unique empathy and intuition. Her advice and guidance is most practical and useful.
I believe that this gives her the ability to guide and heal and to find hope in these tragic times.
I never thought that so much could be achieved through a few simple phone calls.” 

(in the wake of the 2001, Sept 11th tragedy in New York)
Maurice O’Shea, Alumnus of EMBA 99, London Business School, UK 

“When I started coaching with Carole, I had all the mental motivation to pull together and make a go of it as an entrepreneur, but my actions didn’t match my dreams in many ways, and my goals were broad and general. So, in retrospect, I see that I was paddling upstream rather than navigating in the direction of my passions and talents.
Carole and I clarified my goals and kept refining them together, and created actions to set me on a path toward achieving them. I’ve established new ways of thinking, doing, and being as a result of all I have learned from Carole. Her breadth of knowledge and experience in many fields means that she can teach clients a wide array of tools and techniques to help. In my case I learned both practical tools like a breathing exercise for focus and stress management, and the NLP technique of anchoring a powerful mental state. I also learned techniques to develop myself on a deeper level. These included examining my personal values and beliefs to help me redefine my identity and how to visualize future goals to see what strategies I employ naturally to achieve success.
My expectations for my coaching program were not only met by Carole, they were exceeded. I achieved all my goals and learned a great deal more than I expected along the way. Carole’s fees are worth it since I know I achieved more in less time. Her value is also in enabling me to coach myself independently. I now have the tools and knowledge to continue to learn and develop.”

Adriana Dakin, Alumna of Harvard Kennedy School, Social Media Consultant and Strategist, California, USA

“Carole has helped me through my recent work transitions. She provided support and effective techniques that really worked to address my concerns around specific environments and situations. She quickly understood the source of my concern and helped me see it in new ways. She facilitated my learning how to stop my current patterns and develop new ones that serve me better.
Seri Gomberg, Technical Document Management Analyst, Sr. at Pacific Gas and Electric Company, California, USA

“I first heard Carole Brown when she was speaking on ‘Thinking, Creativity and Communication’ at the London Business School.  We were all fascinated by her approach to maximising potential and her use of the Herrmann Survey.  Since then I have completed the HBDI survey myself and worked ‘one to one’ with Carole.
I have learnt things about myself and believe there is a huge opportunity to use the HBDI survey with my colleagues in BUPA, under Carole’s guidance, to work towards maximising our own potential as a team.”

Andrew Vallance-Owen, Alumnus of SEP 39, London Business School, and Medical Director of BUPA UK

“Carole Brown has helped me on two levels: first through focusing on major themes she has enabled me to achieve ever-increasing clarity on key life and work issues. At the same time she has helped me to transform this ‘big picture’ thinking into actionable steps that I can deliver on a weekly basis.
I have greatly enjoyed our sessions and thank Carole for her support and generosity of spirit.
I am delighted to be able to recommend her.”

Martin Saville, MBA London Business School, UK

“Part of the IBM Corporate Affairs ‘golden handshake leaving package’ in 1992 was coaching support from Carole Brown.  This was a new and highly valued service. I deeply appreciated the many aspects of Carole’s knowledge, business experience and coaching skills.  In particular her ability to listen at all levels, withhold her own view, help me focus with challenging questions and so assist me to integrate many disparate pieces of information.
Her warmth, good humour and holistic support were greatly appreciated.
Carole also stands out in my mind as someone with phenomenal intuition and creativity, which she uses with utmost ease to help her clients think laterally and to create options for their new lives ahead.
She introduced me to the Herrmann profile which confirmed and validated my key areas of strength and helped me to focus on where and how to focus my energy. Her workshops on the creative brain, left/right thinking styles and visioning the future were inspirational and highly innovative.”

Christopher Bowers, Managing Director, OmWeb Limited, UK

“Carole was my career coach way back in 1991 at KPMG. She was very skillful at helping me adopt different ways of looking at my situation and introduced me to resources that I would not have discovered alone which have, in turn introduced me to further resources.
She showed great empathy and understanding at a difficult time in my life. Thanks to her gentleness, humour and confidence in me, I was able to see things in a less black and white manner and therefore be braver about taking steps forward. I felt totally supported by Carole and found that I could talk to her about anything without feeling judged.
In short, Carole helped open up a whole new world for me, which has become a very important part of my life. She focused on finding out about me in order to make suggestions that were good possibilities, as opposed to telling me what I ‘should’ do. I only wish that I had met her much earlier in my life.
From Carole I learnt the ability to see new possibilities.”

Claire Harnett, Boston, USA

“Carole is a top-notch visualizer!
I recently had a very important business meeting for which I very much wanted to see the best outcome. Carole took me through a complete visualization of the meeting itself and the moments before and after it – on the day before it actually took place.
Not only was Carole on the mark with how to get me to the other side of that meeting and back, but her sensitivity to the nuances of lighting that path, took me beyond each and every obstacle I could have created for myself.
By creating the future, I got the present that I wanted.
The result was better than I had imagined, and I’m still reaping the benefit months later.”

Bonnie Hartley, Brooklyn, NY, USA

“I have known Carole Brown since I became her Mentoring Coach when she joined the Life Coaching Academy in the UK in 2000.
It became apparent very quickly that Carole had a considerable intellect and many years of applying it with great effect when she worked as a Consultant and Coach at KPMG in the 1990s.
Carole brings her natural intelligence to coaching in such a way that it never intimidates nor debilitates her clients.  Her coaching style is relaxed and yet focused, supportive and yet challenging; generous and yet demanding of her clients’ best.  This is precisely what they give her, their very best, in a way that is entirely at the service of their own goals and often accompanied by surprise and then delight at having discovered their potential. Carole Brown is an excellent coach and a coach of excellence because she expects of herself the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.”

Gabrielle Blackman-Sheppard, Executive and Life Coach, UK

Overcoming blocks – Resonance Repatterning

One of my clients described RR like this:
Resonance repatterning as I understand it:  Resonance repatterning is a method which works by uncovering our subconscious blocks, so that we can move forward towards a healthier, happier, more fulfilled and aware existence. Each session is unique to the individual and the issues they are attempting to resolve. The practice uses gentle methods to identify which issue is primary to work on in that moment and then examines how we resonate with that negative energy. Then through a wide variety of healing modalities some unfamiliar and some as familiar as affirmations and visualization, it transforms our system to resonance with positive energy which is then expressed in our thinking, attitudes and behavior. As humans we live our lives habitually or rather, in patterns. By breaking or rather changing the patterns that we have unconsciously repeated, we move into a pattern which no longer includes the old subconscious one that was detrimental to our well being.

“My experience with Carole was amazing. I felt truly transformed. The energy of the exercises we did were surprisingly insightful and Carole’s manner was both inviting and relaxing. I felt reassured by her knowledge, gentle humor and caring. She knows the human system well and is great at trusting the process she asked me to trust. And it works! I learned a lot and the process transformed me and my energy field in amazing and unexpected ways.”
Clare Hedin, San Francisco, California, USA – January 2016

“I had never heard of Resonance Repatterning until practitioner Carole Brown told me about it. When I had my session with her, I was open to the idea of finding a way to help me with a medical related problem which I’d been unable to resolve on my own although I had no idea whether it would work. The repatterning I received from Carole helped to clear a blockage buried deep in my subconscious from a time in my early childhood. Once this was revealed, I experienced a feeling of profound release. My fingers began tingling as I’d only had happen after accupressure or deep tissue massage. After this obstacle was out of the way, my labs showed blood levels that had returned to normal, and have remained that way. The session I had with Carole has helped me move on to live my life in fuller health, no longer needing a medication I’d been on for many years. There is nothing to lose by experiencing Resonance Repatterning, and a lot to gain.”
Sincerely, Eileen Hodges, Lakeport, California, USA  – May 2016

“My first session of resonance repatterning with Carole was incredible. I had only seen a couple of videos on youtube describing the method of healing one’s energy, and didn’t really know what to expect, so I just went with it and an open mind. I’ve been really stuck for quite some time in my professional life, and struggle a lot with earning and really owning my identity as an artist and photographer. I was looking for a way to “disrupt” my professional world and take it to the next level – but had no idea how or what path to take. Then I met Carole.
During my repatterning session with her, we traveled unexpectedly back to a time in my childhood where an episode occurred which silenced me as a child. In the exercises Carole guided me through, I was able to release a deep core problem of feeling like I didn’t have “a voice.” Carole helped me to zero in on that part of me that needed releasing and we went through it together. I felt safe and trusted her completely, despite not knowing how this could possibly be doing something. But during and after our session, I truly felt a shift inside of me – an energetic shift, and a sort of inner thing I can’t quite describe. It was definitely an energy shift and something I could not do alone.
That weekend, I had my open studios event, and I am not even making this up – I felt as if I had a new voice. Not just that I was speaking more confidently about my work, but inside I felt different, less shy, not as limited in my capacity to express my work to people as they asked questions. I even was able to state the prices of my work plainly and confidently without feeling the old self doubt – it’s hard to explain – like an inner power inside of me was able to engage with the public like I had never experienced before.
Thank you Carole for that gift and first session!”
Krista, SF Bay Area, California, USA  – April 2017

“I had the privilege of receiving two sessions of Resonance Repatterning with Carole, in a technique that I didn’t know. It was an amazing experience, where I only needed to stay receptive to her guidance and questions, and the results were an indescribable sense of peace and focused energy. I don’t know how Resonance Repatterning works, but it is powerful.” 
Isabel Rimanoczy, Convener LEAP – PRME Working Group on the Sustainability Mindset, Fort Lauderdale, Florida – July 2017