As your “thought partner”, I coach you to be more conscious of how you think and how you behave. I work beside you as your learning coach and together we become a “thinking team”
Carole Brown, Principal Learning Coach

Often person centered coaching begins with goal setting.
Our starting point is different.

Firstly, we give you the knowledge to enable you to think in new ways so that you can re-discover:

  • your authentic self
  • what you stand for in the world  
  • your purpose

and then we work with you to set goals that are an expression of your true self.

It may sound simple yet this work is deep. It requires curiosity and self discipline, an open mind and a discerning one.

We’ll introduce you to concepts from neuroscience and quantum physics and to wise words from western teachers and eastern traditions to open your mind, increase your self awareness and help you gain new insights.
We’ll coach you to use your left and right brain to think more creatively and come up with new solutions.
And we’ll show you a variety of tools and techniques for overcoming barriers and changing the way that you set your intentions and imagine your future.

With this new understanding and wisdom, you are able to act from your authentic core and move forward in your work, your life and your relationships.

Many clients have commented on their coaching experience and the new ways of learning that enabled them to build a brighter future for themselves and others. 

Rodman Stull, Senior Director of Operational Excellence at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, USA:
“I was forming a new leadership team at the time, and Carole provided both individual and team leadership coaching. Her style and approach helped the team come together as we discussed challenging business issues. Additionally, she provided creative suggestions and alternative thinking to my team of largely analytical thinkers”.

Isabel Rimanoczy, Convener LEAP – PRME Working Group on the Sustainability Mindset, Fort Lauderdale, Florida – July 2017:
“I had the privilege of receiving two sessions of Resonance Repatterning with Carole, in a technique that I didn’t know. It was an amazing experience, where I only needed to stay receptive to her guidance and questions, and the results were an indescribable sense of peace and focused energy. I don’t know how Resonance Repatterning works, but it is powerful.”

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