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Happy Valentine’s Day – Listen to your Heart

“All types of creativity, and especially creativity for solving problems, can be accessed through listening to your heart’s intuitive feelings, your heart intelligence.” from “Heart-Based Living” by Doc Childre “The heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in … Continue reading

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Secret Patterns of Nature, Mathematics, Fibonacci & Pi

I just can’t think how to explain this – it is so beyond amazing! Decoding the Secret Patterns of Nature – Fibonacci Ratio & π After watching I start to think … ….. can mathematics explain everything? ….. how much … Continue reading

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Chloe Wordsworth and Resonance Repatterning

Here’s a post of mine from The Thought Leaders Blog.  Chloe Wordsworth is a thought leader for sure. She has been developing Resonance Repatterning (also known as Holographic Repatterning) and refining this system for almost forty years. Resonance Repatterning, is one of the … Continue reading

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There is more to the brain than you think!

One of the aspects that I chose for excellent leadership is that of being spiritual. Spiritual is a hard word to define but for me the content of this talk by Joe Dispenza encapsulates spirituality and wisdom. By that I mean … Continue reading

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Deepak Chopra on What is Consciousness?

I have enjoyed reading Deepak Chopra’s books for some years now. One book in particular that I like is called The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success It is a wonderful introduction to our spiritual nature and how we are part … Continue reading

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